Team Development

Team Development

Effective team work is key for all organisations – whatever they do. Today’s senior staff are required to provide effective leadership across professional and organisational teams, often in different locations, sometimes virtually.

But leading teams can be difficult. Groups can have a life of their own and behave unpredictably. Individuals can get scapegoated and even experienced leaders can soon feel out of their depth.

Our approach

Tavistock Consulting’s team development programme provides an opportunity for staff in a leadership role to deepen their understanding of group dynamics and how to lead an effective team. Our approach includes practical skills development to:

  • develop skills in leading and facilitating effective teams
  • develop understanding of group and team dynamics and how to manage conflict
  • explore key theoretical concepts
  • apply the learning to real life work situations

Our method is experiential by creating a temporary learning organisation. Participants are able to learn from the ‘here and now’ of group dynamics and through work discussions, get support and feedback on specific challenges they face at work. Participants work with their own experience to take part and successfully complete a group task, while also observing the dynamics beneath the surface of group activity.

A second focus of the programme is inter-group dynamics. Participants work in separate groups to experience and study inter-group dynamics through a series of events and exercises highly relevant to group and team life in contemporary organizations.

Thanks again for yesterday’s away day, we’re really pleased with how it went. I thought you created a stimulating and comfortable space for us to work through some quite complex issues and with your guidance it felt like we got some tangible outcomes for how we can work better together.

Quality Manager,
NHS England Regional Team
(Team Development Day)

Time is dedicated to understanding and exploring underlying theories and principles of group behaviour and effective teams. Short interactive sessions are provided by consultants aimed at helping participants make sense of their experience on the programme.

By the end of the programme participants have a deeper understanding of group processes and developed more effective skills for working with teams. They become aware of group and inter-group processes, act more effectively as a group leader or facilitator, and understand how to keep group activity 'on task' for best results.

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I can think of no other training that I have undertaken that has had such a lasting active impact on me and my work. Thank you.
- Head of Joint Commissioning and Planning, a local council