Staff Retention

Staff Retention

A programme to develop a resilient and robust workforce

Staff retention is a chronic problem for the NHS and research indicates that sustainable solutions need to address both the needs of the individuals, as well as strengthen the wider leadership structure.

Tavistock Consulting offers a unique 3-layered programme to develop individual, team and departmental resilience. It is designed for whole departments or services over a three, six or nine period.

We understand that "the whole is greater than the sum of its parts" and that targeting all three levels of the system simultaneously is what achieves the sustainable and transformational impact for a service.


1. Build individual confidence and resilience

5 x half-day teaching modules (up to 20 staff) on the following areas:

  • The job: roles, expectations and the reality, "is this what I thought it would be?"
  • Boundaries: recognising limitations of your role and when to say "No"
  • Leadership and personal responsibility: who’s in charge? Understanding the hierarchy and your role within it
  • Understanding and managing conflict and difference
  • Stress and looking after yourself: warning signs, and what works for you? E.g. mindfulness, yoga, exercise etc

Through a package of 1–1 coaching and group sessions our team culture changed and our productivity and capacity for innovation improved.

2. Develop team resilience

Facilitation of 12 fortnightly Reflective Practice groups (up to 10 staff)

When workload is relentless and high-pressured, there is little time for teams to think, reflect and change. Lessons are repeatedly not learnt. With a focus on how the work impacts on the team, the groups offer staff a confidential and safe space to explore the challenges, as well as to highlight areas of good practice. The emphasis is on learning and development rather than scrutiny and blame.

Benefits include:

  • Enhanced decision-making under pressure
  • Creating a culture of support, transparency and open communication
  • Improving compassion and care to patients, as opposed to the detached, ‘numbing out’ of the difficult feelings evoked
  • Increased understanding of MDT work and collaboration
  • Reduced isolation and anxiety for individual staff
  • Developing a cohesive rather than fragmented approach to difficulties
  • Clarity around the boundaries of the team, lines of accountability in the system.


3. Enhance leadership in the system

Two 1-day workshops for key and senior leaders (up to 10 staff), including assessment session prior to the day

Aim - to embed the culture of support and inclusion

  • Identifying the challenges and demands of your team or department
  • How to recognise when a member of staff is struggling
  • What to offer to individuals and as a general structure? E.g. departmental and peer support, supervision etc.

1 : 1 coaching with key leaders and managers (6 x 1.5 hours of coaching)

Evidence suggests it is impossible for managers and leaders to support staff when they are unsupported and overstretched themselves. Key leaders in the department will be offered coaching to focus on their specific leadership challenges as well identifying the needs of their staff; both newly qualified staff and the long-serving staff trying to support new colleagues. Sessions would take place over a 6-month period.

Benefits include:

  • Strengthened leadership
  • Managers given the opportunity to map out the needs of their departments
  • Improved support for how whole system is working.

Far more helpful than sticking plaster consultants whose input is effective but often unsustainable."

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I can think of no other training that I have undertaken that has had such a lasting active impact on me and my work. Thank you.
- Head of Joint Commissioning and Planning, a local council