Specialist Mediation

Specialist Mediation

Our experience is that conflict in the workplace is on the rise and is an inevitable consequence of the increasing pressures and demands of life at work.

Any conflict affects the individuals concerned, but also has a detrimental impact on other staff, productivity and performance. Mediation is an invaluable alternative to the more formal and costly legal processes that might otherwise be brought to bear in staff disputes.

Our approach to Specialist Mediation at Tavistock Consulting is uniquely both broad and deep. It not only focuses on a swift and smooth resolution of the overt difficulties with the individuals concerned, but also serves to investigate why and how those difficulties have arisen – and what the problem is telling us about the workplace. Conflict at work, either between two people or among groups of staff, rarely happens in a vacuum. It usually occurs against a background of more complex difficulties in the wider organisation.

Wider organisational change and subsequent role confusion are common factors that can lead to misunderstandings and tension between individuals. We unpack and uncover these issues to support people in developing a shared and sensitive understanding of their conflict, and to reach a resolution that both addresses the root cause and is real and sustainable in the long term.

Our expertise, which derives from a deep understanding of relationships and communication as developed through many years of Tavistock thinking, means that we are uniquely placed to hold the difficult conversations necessary in the process of mediation with sensitivity and confidence.

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[This work] was really effective in preparing managers for leading and making decisions in urgent and high-risk situations in order to ensure superior business performance.
- Senior Leader, global pharmaceutical company