Executive coaching

Executive coaching

We recommend executive coaching for business leaders and senior managers who may be managing high levels of uncertainty and complexity in a context of organisational change.

Clients may be newly appointed or promoted, reviewing their development or preparing for a new role – perhaps a move from a functional specialism to a more strategic leadership position – or they may have identified personal challenges that are holding back their progress or contribution to their business.

Our approach

Tavistock Consulting coaching focuses on developing leadership capacity. Creating a space for individuals working under pressure to reflect, the sessions are designed to help leaders improve their capability to think clearly under difficult conditions, to act creatively and collaboratively and to take up their leadership or management role with maximum effectiveness. Our coaches offer clients support in managing the impact of change and transition on themselves and others.

Our approach builds on our tested method of organisational role consultation, which has been part of the Tavistock repertoire since long before the current interest in coaching took hold in the wider culture. The distinctive competence we offer is in helping clients focus on the less apparent feelings and responses in themselves and in others that may be influencing their decisions and actions. Often clients are struggling to manage difference – not necessarily visible difference, but the subtle yet powerful manifestations of difference that lie under the surface around every boardroom table and which, if not faced, can not only result in unhappiness and lack of fulfilment at work, but may also have the power to destabilise the entire organization.

Clients are given frequent feedback and we review the work as it proceeds, ensuring a goal-directed approach. Meetings are confidential, unless it is agreed that there would be benefit in offering feedback to the organisation itself.

The Tavistock individual coaching was very useful in creating space to think and take a new perspective on what was happening. Having someone listen and see the complexity with me meant I avoided underestimating the issues, and found confidence to trust my judgement about the next steps. It also allowed me to find ways to work together with colleagues at my level and to calmly and clearly frame the issues when talking with them.

Consultant Psychiatrist and
Clinical Director,
London NHS Trust.

All Tavistock Consulting coaches are trained and experienced as practitioners, teachers and supervisors of coaching. We are members of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council and adhere strictly to their ethical and professional practice guidelines. Click here for details of our Executive Coaching programme and free taster seminars for this course.

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Having confidential conversations has allowed me to be much more open and honest with myself on how I see situations. Allowing someone to give me direction and challenge on the real issues that may not have been shared at work previously has been hugely beneficial. This has given me much more acceptance of what I need to work on and better commitment to work with it, whilst also understanding much better the feedback I have had previously.
- Senior Executive, Global Consumer Goods company