Why Train With Us

Why Train With Us

Our unique approach


The Tavistock approach to consulting and coaching enables students to work at a deeper level with their clients or as managers within their own organisations.

Our systems-psychodynamic approach brings together thinking and practice from three sources – psychoanalysis, systems thinking and the group relations tradition.


Students benefit from engagement with staff who work as consultants and coaches in a wide variety of different contexts, many of whom have published books and papers about their work.

Students often comment how much they value feedback from faculty regarding their assignments, and the supervision of the often complex projects they undertake during their training.

Experience and expertise



Style of learning


Students value the small study groups and the space these provide for the introduction to, and participation in, experiential learning and reflection.

Students undertake live assignments, delivering coaching or consultancy to develop skills through practice-based study. The prospect of sharing a learning experience with fellow students who have different sector expertise and roles, or who may be at different life stages, also attracts many people to our long courses.


Our training programmes, which typically run in two-day blocks, can lead to a Masters or Doctoral Tavistock qualification in consultancy.

Once students graduate they become part of an ongoing academic and practising community, with opportunities throughout the year to reconnect with the Tavistock and fellow graduates through alumni networking meetings and talks.

Start of a journey



Helping organisations change from within


We facilitate the growth of powerful leaders through our on-site training for leadership teams in a variety of ways.

Our bespoke short courses, which typically last three days, include: Learning for Leadership; Leading Change; Decoding Team Dynamics; Introduction to Consultancy Skills; and Understanding the Wider System.

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[This work] was really effective in preparing managers for leading and making decisions in urgent and high-risk situations in order to ensure superior business performance.
- Senior Leader, global pharmaceutical company