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Group Relations Conference

Group Relations Conference

May 2017 - Working in Organisations: The Unconscious at Work (Geneva)

This three-day intensive experiential development programme takes place 5th – 7th May 2017. The Geneva GRC is hosted by Tavistock Consulting, the Genevan Group Analytic Training organisation TGA, and the Training Centre of Geneva’s University Hospital (HUG).

The conference aims to develop a spirit of inquiry into the dynamics of organisational life and one’s own part in these. The learning is relevant to people from any professional background and will be bi lingual - French and English.

Applications are welcome for membership of the conference, as well as for training group places for those who have previously completed at least one GRC. Training group places are suitable for those who wish to develop their learning from a different perspective or begin to develop their capacity to work as staff consultants on such GRCs.

 Click here for GRC May 2017 brochure – ENGLISH

 Click here for GRC May 2017 brochure - FRENCH

September 2017 - Discovering leadership in organisations (London)

This four day non-residential immersive learning conference takes place from Monday 4th - Thursday 7th September 2017.

Whether you are looking to change the culture of your organisation, work more effectively with your team, or wish to help promote creativity, this group relations conference could help you take up your role differently, be a better leader and develop an unfolding sense of organisational behaviour and the part we all play.

Applications open soon for anyone who is interested in understanding more about groups and organisational development, working as leaders and managers or consultants in the public, private or independent sectors. It is particularly relevant for anyone with an interest in exploring the nature of effective leadership.  Contact us using the form below to register your interest.

Click here to visit the Tavistock & Portman NHSFT website for 'Discovering leadership in organisations' GRC and application details.

What is a Group Relations Conference? Click here to find out.


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Having confidential conversations has allowed me to be much more open and honest with myself on how I see situations. Allowing someone to give me direction and challenge on the real issues that may not have been shared at work previously has been hugely beneficial. This has given me much more acceptance of what I need to work on and better commitment to work with it, whilst also understanding much better the feedback I have had previously.
- Senior Executive, Global Consumer Goods company