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Bespoke training

Bespoke training

At Tavistock Consulting we work with clients to help them become powerful internal consultants and coaches, able to help their organisations change from the inside.

Tavistock training in your organisation

We have a variety of ways that we facilitate the growth of powerful leaders. We offer training at your organisation or you can sign up for one of the Tavistock’s courses in London. Please get in touch with Kay Trainor to support you in choosing the right type of training for your leadership team. Here is an outline of what we offer:

Learning for Leadership
A bespoke and highly innovative approach to leadership in organisations. The emphasis is on growing expert leaders and developing a system of leadership excellence, equipped to lead an organisation through change.

Leading Change
A three-day programme to help leaders understand the impact of change and lead it better. Effective, focused on the specific needs of your team/ organisation. Click here for details of next open programme.

Decoding Team dynamics
A three-­day programme focused on understanding team dynamics so that you can improve how your team works. What’s really going on in your team and how can you influence it? Click here for details of next open programme.

Tavistock Certificates
We offer certificates in Leading Change, Decoding Team Dynamics or Consultancy Skills. As well as the taught parts of the programme participants undertake projects and produce a short portfolio of written work.


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Having confidential conversations has allowed me to be much more open and honest with myself on how I see situations. Allowing someone to give me direction and challenge on the real issues that may not have been shared at work previously has been hugely beneficial. This has given me much more acceptance of what I need to work on and better commitment to work with it, whilst also understanding much better the feedback I have had previously.
- Senior Executive, Global Consumer Goods company