Successful mergers and integration

Successful mergers and integration

Changing any structure is a complex process. At Tavistock Consulting we help leaders to grasp the difficult human aspects of transition so they can lead change with understanding and emotional intelligence.

Integration, restructures, mergers – so often they don’t work out or deliver value because the personal experience of individuals is overlooked or discounted. This often shows as:

  • a feeling of takeover rather than merger – one culture feels more dominant and the other feels ignored, and performance suffers;
  • a new culture, identity or brand is driven through and doesn’t take hold – the new organisation or department gets stuck;
  • interpersonal dynamics feel difficult, strong emotions seem to drive leadership decisions and behaviours and relationships break down – a divisive culture of blame and accountability-avoidance ensues.

Our role is to reveal what’s really going on for your people during an organisational restructure and to help you lead them successfully through your chosen change – enabling you to start something new as one team. Ultimately, the following key business measures are effected:

  • improved retention of staff
  • higher employee engagement
  • more effective leadership teams
  • more aligned and thus more motivated workforce
  • improved customer service

Some of the activities you might experience during a Tavistock intervention:

 Pre-integration Audits and assessments help Tavistock consultants to understand how well the existing teams will support the upcoming change, based on how they are working now and how similar or different their opinions and approaches are toward tensions/issues. This helps to identify what must be addressed at a team, board and cultural level.
 In the thick of it The most important part of the change itself is to acknowledge and let go of what is painful and to rally around new possibilities for the sake of the team. We work with teams at varying levels of acceptance, from newly formed leadership teams supportive of the change, where the focus may be on readying to lead the charge, to underperforming teams, damaged by the restructure. In the latter cases we support the healing process and help members let go of what has been and refocus on what could be.
 Post-integration After the main changes are complete, we can work with you to review lessons learned and to design an organisational strategy that will ensure the important integration is built upon. This can include Tavistock Consulting continuing to work with different levels of leadership to support everyone in this crucial phase, ensuring trust, a shared vision and a robust and open way of working.                                                                               

Please give us a call on +44 (0) 20 8938 2475 for a confidential conversation as to how we may be able to design something unique for your upcoming organisational change.

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