Effective leadership

Effective leadership

Securing the best leadership for an organisation is a challenge.  How does an individual lead with energy, empowerment and creativity?

How does a leader encourage co-operative endeavours and manage destructive competition?

Understanding leadership has been an integral part of Tavistock thinking since its foundation. In the early twentieth century Tavistock pioneers worked with the army and the government to study the attributes necessary for effective leadership and followership and to transform the processes that had led to so many unnecessary deaths in the trenches of the First World War. We’ve been using our particular understanding of group dynamics to help transform leadership in all sorts of organisations – from the NHS to large corporates – ever since.

Throughout the design stage of the clinical leadership training programme we worked in close collaboration with Tavistock Consulting. During this time, we very much valued being able to step back, reflect and discuss the complexities around the design with consultants who came with a vast realm of experience in the design of leadership programmes. Undertaking this collaborative process ensured that we were able to design a bespoke programme to meet the specific needs of our staff.

- Alison Wragg. Head of Occupational Therapy for Westminster Mental Health Services
& Service Manager for Psychological Therapies


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Whether your preoccupation is culture change at a macro level in the private sector or a desire to work more effectively with your team in the NHS, or even if you simply wish to promote creativity in your organisation, we can help you take up your role in a different way. Working with us, you will become a better leader and develop an unfolding sense of your organisation and the part you – and everyone – plays.


The Individual as Leader
How do your own history, preoccupations and context interlink with your leadership role and your organisation? How do you authorise yourself effectively and get authorised in your role? We offer role consultation and one to one coaching to support you in understanding the different levels of authorisation required. We help clients to understand themselves as leaders, take up their role effectively and discover their potency in their organisations. Coaching provides leaders with a space to think clearly under pressure and to take a look above, below and within in order to identify the many factors that impact their role.

Looking above Looking below Looking within
  • Interacting with boards
  • Managing your boss
  • Intelligent delegation
  • Promoting involvement
  • Listening to your teams
  • What makes you tick
  • Understanding your own history and context
  • The unconscious CV – avoiding pitfalls

Here’s what clients have said following our work together:

  • "I feel I have a much better understanding of my key drivers and how they influence my behaviour at work and beyond."
  • "I usually arrive at our sessions beaten up by the demands of a busy and stressful executive job, and I generally leave with far greater clarity and motivation than when I arrived. I would recommend Tavistock to anyone who is genuinely determined to become an excellent leader of people and organisations."


The Expert as Leader
What qualities do you need to be a good leader? Do you excel in your field? Have you been ‘rewarded’ with a senior leadership position? You might be a fabulous teacher or a gifted software engineer, or be enjoying a successful career at the bar, in finance or in research. But what about leading an organisation?

We work with leaders, boards and organisations to develop an understanding of the process of leader selection and the dynamics that often accompany the promotion of a particular discipline to a management or leadership position.

Here’s what clients have said following our work together:

  • "Tavistock Consulting supported me through a difficult transition and helped me manage a very tricky difficulty with my team. This helped move our company into a new phase."
  • "Nothing I have undertaken has had such a lasting active impact on me and my work."


Leadership across the business
You may be the new CEO of a troubled London borough or a struggling high-street brand. Or perhaps you are the new broom at a government department renowned for its challenging culture.

At the heart of our 'Leadership across the business' approach are bespoke events, designed in association with you, to enable your organisation to better understand its culture. The values, norms and tacit assumptions of the organisation will be revealed through experiential learning.

Here’s what clients have said following our work together:

  • "The programme provided me with the opportunity to think about my part in the group – what I contribute to the dynamic and what I might be drawn in to, inadvertently or otherwise."
  • "… dynamics and tensions being played out [in] real time. I was able to observe what was going on in organisational life, the way factions are created, splits occur – all observable in the way the event unfolded."
  • "…compelling and hugely enlightening in terms of group and organisational processes."

Please contact one of our Consultants on +44 (0) 20 8938 2475 for a confidential conversation about how we may be able to facilitate the emergence of more effective leadership in your organisation.

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The conference itself was phenomenal! A very powerful and relevant experience that opened my eyes to different layers of relatedness (and non-relatedness).
- Group Relations Conference participant