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Our Stand

Our Stand

What we stand for

Tavistock Consulting is a people and change consultancy that identifies and addresses “what’s really going on” to improve organisational development, effective leadership and human resource development.

Making visible the invisible
We resist easy solutions to organisational development. We work with uncomfortable feelings including envy, competition and rivalry. We pay attention to the profound nature of resistance to change in organisations and we help make visible what might be inhibiting, depressing or silencing people at work.

Understanding individuals and systems
We’re interested in the individual, in the system and the system in the individual. We help clients think about organisational behaviour, how they fit into the system and how the system and structure influences the way they take up their role. When clients achieve personal insights about how they are working, the results ripple out and are amplified across their organisation.

An illustrious history
Founded in 1994 to continue a long tradition of work with organisations that began at the Tavistock in the 1920s, Tavistock Consulting has an illustrious history and a tried and tested body of theory that we bring to bear in our client work. Its contemporary application is relevant to the widest spectrum of organisations and makes a measurable difference.

Our clients are the experts
We create a holding space where trauma, difficulty, new strategies and change can be worked through. We help our clients understand what’s really going on and then see them into the next stage. What we don’t do is create a process in which people become dependent.

What we believe in

The heart of any organisation is its people
We believe that organisations succeed or fail on the strength of the individuals that work within them. The best strategies and business plans will not yield results and effective leadership if staff are not behind them. This is particularly true of organisations where the success of the enterprise depends wholly on individuals who are able to work reliably, responsibly and collaboratively, bringing to their role both technical expertise and sensitivity to others.

Relationships matter at work
… not only in order for individuals to get along, but also to ensure effective and creative working practices that deliver measurable outcomes. Successful team collaboration is crucial to organisational success and the leader-follower relationship can make or break effective delivery. Unacknowledged differences (in opinion, power, perspective or experience) can derail the best strategic plans.

Learning from one’s own experience is the most powerful type of learning.
Experience matters and the way we work with clients is ‘experiential’. Typically in our work we involve clients in an ‘experience’ – it might be as simple as asking a group to divide into two smaller groups to undertake a task. How the group goes about the task of dividing into two is important – what happens, which groups form? Why? What do people feel? These questions – this experience – is treated as a key indicator of the state of the group, the department and ultimately the organisation. Feedback and reflexive learning are also intrinsic to our methodology.